Masters' theses

Master's Theses


T[AUN23]Jerry Aunula (2023) Models for Solving Multi-Agent Decision Problems
T[EKL23]Tomas Eklund (2023) Impact of air passengers on COVID-19 transmission
T[HAA23]Eetu Haavisto (2023) Model optimization for diffuse reflection spectroscopy
T[HAK23]Riina Hakkarainen (2023) Drift detection methods for data streams (Wapice Oy)
T[ILV23]Roosa Ilvonen (2023) On the effects of the 2022 crisis on the returns of growth and value companies in the Finnish stock market
T[KOR23]Antti Korkealaakso (2023) Predicting liquid-liquid phase separation of proteins using graph neural network
T[LUN23]Oliver Lundqvist (2023) A robust optimization approach against adversarial attacks on medical images
T[LUO23]Peetu Luotonen (2023) Calibration of European option pricing models using neural networks (Yliaisti Oy) (Slides)
T[MAT23]Tuukka Mattlar (2023) Assessing marginal abatement cost of bioplastics with an integrated assessment model
T[REH23]Walter Rehn (2023) Simulation and optimization of a hybrid cruise ship’s power plant using nonlinear programming
T[RIE23]Joonas Riekkinen (2023) A neural network surrogate modeling routine for simulation-based analysis of ship energy systems
T[SAA23]Lauri Sääskilahti (2023) Modelling of Uncertainties in Wind Power Forecasts
T[SEG23]Christian Segercrantz (2023) Experimental evaluation of record linkage algorithms in a secure banking environment
T[TOR23]Noora Torpo (2023) Analysis on the impact of non-participating cargo vessels in a multi-lateral arrival schedule optimization model for decarbonization (Napa Ltd)
T[TUR23]Lauri Turtiainen (2023) Modeling non-maturity deposit balances for stress testing (S-Pankki Oyj)


T[ALA22]Kalle Alaluusua (2022) Consistent Bayesian community detection (Aalto University)
T[AXE22a]Elias Axelsson (2022) Mittausepätarkkuuden määrittäminen radantarkastusvaunun validointitestauksessa (Ramboll)
T[BJO22]Emil af Björkensten (2022) Price verification of interest rate options under market uncertainty (OP Group)
T[ELF22]Vikke Elfving (2022) Scenario selection in probabilistic cross-impact analysis (Aalto University)
T[HON22]Marianne Honkasaari (2022) On optimization of the logistics related to recycling of nutrients in wastewater sludges
T[HUU22]Toni Huuhka (2022) Regime-Based Black-Litterman Model for the Strategic Asset Allocation of Institutional Investors
T[JOK22]Lauri Jokinen (2022) Elevator packing with various objects using cyclic placement method and quadratic line search
T[KUJ22]Ville Kujala (2022) On parameter estimation for generalized nonlinear forecasting models
T[LAH22]Patrik Lahti (2022) Compensation of adverse effects of wind farms on air surveillance capability using spatial decision analysis (Aalto University)
T[LAH22a]Janne Lahti (2022) Model-based learning interventions to enhance decision-making of master fighter controllers
T[MAK22]Johannes Mäkinen (2022) Estimating the Effectiveness of Depression Care Pathways: A Process Mining and Survival Analysis Approach
T[MAK22a]Jani Mäkinen (2022) Cost-effectiveness of screening for celiac disease in children
T[MET22]Iivo Metsä-Eerola (2022) On forecasting heating energy consumption of HVAC systems with recurrent neural networks
T[OKS22]Sonja Oksanen (2022) Predicting residential property prices with decision tree models
T[OLA22]Leevi Olander (2022) Decision Programming formulations for optimal asset portfolio management under uncertainty (Aalto University)
T[PAS22]Aleksi Pasanen (2022) Discrete-event simulation of an automated guided vehicle system in a Finnish hospital
T[PEL22]Matias Peltoketo (2022) Mobile Phone Surface Defect Detection Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning
T[RAS22]Joonas Rasa (2022) Margin of Conservatism in Credit Risk Models
T[SAA22]Severi Saastamoinen (2022) A Deep Learning Model for Filtering Unusable Visual Data
T[SIH22]Roni Sihvonen (2022) Characterizing the winning bid features in multidimensional bidding
T[SIM22]Joanna Simms (2022) Developing an agent-based model for peatland subsidies in Lapland (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
T[TER22]Topias Terho (2022) Optimization of information structures in influence diagrams (Aalto University)
T[TUO22]Ville Tuominen (2022) Improving Individual Tree Detection Using Drone Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Modeling Purposes (Natural Resources Institute Finland)
T[VIL22]Vili Visakorpi (2022) Sensitivity analysis of a seismic hazard assessment for a Finnish nuclear power plant (Fortum)
T[VIL22a]Miku Vilander (2022) An Optimization Method for Wagon Allocation in Long-Distance Trains (VR)


T[AAL21]Tuuli Aaltonen (2021) Feasibility of using choice models with loyalty card data in quantifying product substitution
T[HAN21]Hilkka Hännikäinen (2021) Modelling the Joint Distribution of Risk Factors in Financial Markets (OP Group)
T[HAU21]Tapio Hautamäki (2021) Multiobjective Optimization Model for Elevator Call Allocation (Kone Oyj)
T[JEN21]Cosmo Jenytin (2021) Should a machine be trusted? A study on the effect of explainable artificial intelligence on trust in automated machine learning (MindsDB)
T[JIA21]Bingzhen Jiang (2021) Modelling Uncertainties in the Multistage Selection of Energy Projects (Aalto University)
T[KAN21]Veli Kangas (2021) A Model for Daily Shift Scheduling of Multi-skilled Workers
T[KIV21]Oskari Kivinen (2021) Decision Support Model for Fleet Maintenance based on Vehicle Quality Incentives for Bus Operators in Public Transportation (Nobina Oy)
T[LES21]Juuso Leskinen (2021) Optimization of logistics service provider’s parcel network (Posti)
T[MAA21]Petri Määttä (2021) Comparison of solution methods for the dynamic pickup and delivery problem with time windows
T[MET21]Katja Metsäkoivu (2021) A Capacity allocation method for appointment scheduling in public healthcare (
T[MUH21]Patrik Muhojoki (2021) Domain independent feasibility repairs in a sales configurator framework (Variantum Oy)
T[NYM21]Elin Nyman (2021) A credit scoring model for peer-to-peer consumer lending (Fellow Finance)
T[NYM21a]Emil Nyman (2021) A sensitivity analysis approach to improve workforce optimization results by simulating employee training
T[PAR21]Tuomas Pärssinen (2021) Valuing Pharmaceutical Assets During Clinical Development - A Thread-Oriented Method (Faron Pharmaceuticals Oy)
T[PAR21a]Mio Parmi (2021) An optimization model for finding shortest paths in a road network (Nobina Oy)
T[ROD21]Marcos Ryhänen Rodellas (2021) Default-implied asset correlations for Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises (Aktia)
T[SAI21]Otto Saikkonen (2021) Risk assessment of dynamic interdependencies based of sectoral survey data (Aalto, National Emergency Supply Organization)
T[SUM21]Tommi Summanen (2021) Heuristics for days-off scheduling of heterogeneous workforce
T[SUO21]Tuomas Suominen (2021) Optimizing defensive naval minefields through network interdiction modeling
T[TUU21]Tuukka Stewen (2021) Data-Driven Dynamic Pricing of Airline Upgrades (Finnair)
T[VAI21]Tommi Vainio (2021) On Hierarchical Campaign Forecasting
T[VIK21]Janne Vikelä (2021) Active management, investment style and mutual fund performance - Evidence from the Nordic market (Aalto University)
T[ZEI21]Topias Zein (2021) Verification and validation of passive heat removal systems’ simulation models (Fennovoima)


T[HER20]Olli Herrala (2020) An efficient strategy for solving stochastic programming problems under endogenous and exogenous uncertainties
T[ISO20]Veli-Matti Isoviita (2020) Computational methods in analysing on-call duty doctors’ working hour data (FIOH)
T[LEP20]Jussi Leppinen (2020) A Dynamic Optimization Model for Maintenance Scheduling of a Multi-Component System
T[NOR20]Jessica Norrbäck (2020) Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning for Electronic Components (ABB)
T[REI20]Kati Reinikainen (2020) Strategic Asset Allocation Using Robust Covariance Estimation and Portfolio Optimization Methods (Elo)
T[SAL20]Iiro Sallinen (2020) Customer loyalty in the sales of engine spare parts (Wärtsilä)
T[SAR20]Tuukka Sarvi (2020) Predicting product sales in retail store chain (Houston Analytics)
T[VAS20]Valtteri Vaskikari (2020) Identifying tactical asset allocation signals for US and European equities (Elo)
T[WIL20]Markus Wilkman (2020) Feasibility of a Reinforcement Learning Based Stock Trader (Yliaisti Oy)


T[AAL19]Henrik Aalto (2019) Competition-Based Dynamic Pricing in E-Commerce
T[DOU19]Mihail Douhaniaris (2019) Fully convolutional networks for segmentation of wearable sensor data (UnifyID)
T[ESK19]Janne Eskola (2019) Developing an optimization model for VR's long-term locomotive allocation planning (VR)
T[GUN19]Nina Gunell (2019) Optimal Route of Military Aircraft in Multi-Stage Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Target Acquisition Missions (Aalto University
T[KAN19]Tommi Kantala (2019) Assessment of cyber risk for energy utilities (Sectra)
T[LAA19]Niko Laakkonen (2019) Optimization Problems in Outpatient Clinic Production Planning and Control (Delfoi Ltd)
T[LAU19]Verneri Lauksio (2019) Analysing regional response time of imaging satellite systems through simulation (Aalto University)
T[LEH19]Leo Lehikoinen (2019) Simulation Approach to Rolling Stock Brake Pad Replacement Strategy Optimization (in Finnish) (VR)
T[MAK19]Iiro Mäkinen (2019) Flow shop scheduling of multi phase plywood production with parallel machines (UPM)
T[MEL19]Sara Melander (2019) Survival regression model for rolling stock failure prediction (VR)
T[MUT19]Juhani Mutikainen (2019) Optimization Model for Multicriteria Workforce Planning of Flexible Train Driver Resource (VR)
T[NIS19]Olli Niskanen (2019) An approach for automated rigging to facilitate 3D modeling in mobile augmented reality (3DBear)
T[SÄR19]Ilkka Särkiö (2019) Topic modelling of Finnish Internet discussion forums as a tool for trend identification and marketing applications (Dagmar)
T[STR19]Jani Strandberg (2019) Semi-automated scenario analysis of optimisation models (UPM)
T[TUR19]Samuli Turunen (2019) Feasibility of Nonlinear Multifactor Classifiers for Predicting Share Returns (Evli Fund Management Company Ltd)
T[WAR19]Ella Warras (2019) Optimizing Shelf Space Allocation in Grocery Retail (Relex Solutions)


T[ASI18]Milja Asikainen (2018) Framework for evaluating the performance of predictive models in healthcare and social services (NHG) (in Finnish)
T[LAH18a]Elmeri Lähevirta (2018) On optimization of empty raw wood wagon circulations of rail transport in Finland (VR)
T[LIN18]Visa Linkiö (2018) A Multi-Objective Linear Programming Model for Ranking Competing Refineries (Neste)
T[MAT18]Markus Mattila (2018) A cyclic exchange neighborhood search algorithm and transformations for the Generalized Vehicle Routing Problem (Aalto University)
T[PEL18]Lari Pelkola (2018) Decision Support System for Hydropower Planning under Inflow Uncertainty (UPM Energy)
T[RAN18]Eero Rantala (2018) Analyzing Defense Capability of a Fleet of Military Aircraft Through Simulation (Aalto University)
T[SAI18]Santtu Saijets (2018) Modelling of preferences in multimodal routing algorithms (Flou Solutions Ltd)
T[SEE18]Teemu Seeve (2018) A Structured Method for Identifying and Visualizing Scenarios (Capful Oy)
T[SHA18]Nourhan Shafik (2018) On Clustering of Non-smooth Functional Observations (Aalto University)
T[SIP18]Juhani Sipilä (2018) On Generating Prime Numbers Efficiently (Aalto University)
T[VAU18]Joonas Vauhkonen (2018) Cross-Price Elasticities in Fashion Retail Pricing


T[HAS17]Jari Hast (2017) Optimal work shift scheduling: a heuristic approach (Haahtela HR)
T[HYY17]Riku Hyytiäinen (2017) Evaluating Trajectories of Air-to-Ground Weapons using a Probability Map for Surface-to-Air Threats (Aalto University)
T[LAN17]Mariko Landström (2017) Capabilities, structural change and climate policy (Mercator Research Institute)
T[LAN17a]Joonas Lanne (2017) Pricing regulatory capital in over-the-counter derivatives (Nordea Markets)
T[NYM17]Lauri Nyman (2017) A Genetic Algorithm for Generating Optimal Stock Investment Strategies
T[POR17]Aleksi Porokka (2017) Train driver rostering in Finland considering driver satisfaction (VR)
T[RIE17]Vesa-Matti Riekkinen (2017) Comparison of alternatives in EIA Evaluation of multicriteria methods (in Finnish) (Finnish Environmental Institute)
T[SAL17]Markus Sallila (2017) An Evaluation Model for a Ride-Sharing Problem (Aalto University)
T[SEL17]Katri Selonen (2017) An Adaptive Recommender System for News Delivery (Futurice)
T[VÄÄ17]Touko Väänänen (2017) An activity-based model of travel demand using an open-source simulation framework (FLOU)


T[ALL16]Pekka Alli (2016) On cluster structures in unemployment of OECD-nations (Aalto University) (in Finnish)
T[ANT16]Turkka Anttonen (2016) Procurement Contracts under Uncertain Demand (Microsoft)
T[HIR16]Jussi Hirvonen (2016) Stochastic approach to mid- and longterm forecasting of ERCOT real-time electricity price (Wärtsilä)
T[HUS16]Vesa Husgafvel (2016) Polyhedral Analysis of Up-peak Traffic Patterns in Elevator Dispatching Problem
T[ILO16]Juuso Ilomäki (2016) Recognizing Transportation Modes by Multivariate Clustering of Accelerometer Data (Aalto University)
T[KAI16]Joona Kaivosoja (2016) A pull controlled manufacturing system with uncertain demand (Orion Oy) (in Finnish)
T[KAN16]Joona Kanerva (2016) Pulp market price forecast model (UPM-Kymmene Oyj) (in Finnish)
T[KAR16]Markus Kärki (2016) Computing pure-strategy punishments in repeated games (Aalto University)
T[KAU16]Lauri Kauppinen (2016) Developing mid-term sales planning in an engineer-to-order business (ABB)
T[KIN16]Teemu Kinnunen (2016) Cost-efficient vacation planning with variable workforce demand and manpower (VR Group)
T[KLE16]Santtu Klemettilä (2016) Strategic workforce planning with integer linear programming (Haahtela) (in Finnish)
T[KUN16]Janne Kunnas (2016) Importance Sampling for Simulating Risk Contributions of Corporate Loan Portfolios (OP Financial Group)
T[LEH16]Eero Lehtonen (2016) A Large-Scale Optimization Model for Tactical Wood Procurement Planning (UPM)
T[LEV16]Antti Levo (2016) Predicting Pilot Fatigue in Commercial Air Transportation (Blue1)
T[LIE16]Niko Lietzen (2016) New Approach to Complex Valued ICA: From FOBI to AMUSE (Aalto University)
T[MET16]Saku Metsärinne (2016) Defining the Level of Accuracy in Strategic Workplace Planning (Haahtela-kehitys Oy) (in Finnish)
T[MYR16]Jesse Myrberg (2016) A Recommender System for an Online Auction (Sanoma Oyj)
T[OJA16]Vili-Matti Ojala (2016) Simulation support for medium-term production planning at an energy utility (Vantaan Energia)
T[POH16]Ville Pohjalainen (2016) Predicting service contract churn with decision tree models (Kone)
T[SEP16]Aleksi Seppänen (2016) Utilizing acoustic measurements in equipment condition monitoring
T[SIL16]Riikka Siljander (2016) Energy-climate-forest modelling for integrated policy analysis (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
T[TUO16]Henri Tuovila (2016) Optimised Strategies for Dynamic Asset Allocation (OP Financial Group)
T[VAH16]Ilari Vähä-Pietilä (2016) Network Optimization of Drives Service Workshops (ABB)
T[VOU16]Arttu Voutilainen (2016) Spatial Objectives in Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning (Varian Medical Systems Finland)


T[KAJ15]Jussi Kajovaara (2015) Safety Control Analysis in Risk Analysis of Medication in University Hospital (Safeplus4) (in Finnish)
T[KAN15]Tiina Kangasniemi (2015) Statistical estimation of price elasticity to support aftermarket pricing (ABB Oy)
T[KÄN15]Teemu Känsäkangas (2015) Quality Assessment Methods for Traffic Incident Information (Strafica Ltd.)
T[KOS15]Jukka Koskenranta (2015) Availability analysis of Loviisa nuclear power plant considering major risks (Fortum Power and Heat Oy) (in Finnish)
T[OBE15]Janrik Öberg (2015) Supporting a company's offering process with Service Design (Mavisystems Oy) (in Finnish)
T[PÄR15]Ilmari Pärnänen (2015) Spatial game approach to describe risky agents in evacuation situation (Aalto University)
T[ROP15]Juho Roponen (2015) Simulating artillery fire in forest environment (Technology Division of Finnish Defence Research Agency)
T[SAL15]Antti Salmela (2015) Nash Equilibrium in Hold'em Poker (Aalto University) (in Finnish)
T[SII15]Susanna Siitonen (2015) The measurement and comparison of productivity in specialized paediatric health care (Turku University Hospital) (in Finnish)
T[TAR15]Joonas Tarpila (2015) Measurement and statistical analysis of corporate reputations (T-Media Oy) (in Finnish)
T[TII15]Teemu Tiinanen (2015) An Agent-Based Simulator to Support Systems Intelligent Behaviour in Organizations (Aalto University)
T[VEN15]Ville Venojärvi (2015) Finnish Lotto as a game and modelling and simulation of its sales (Veikkaus)
T[VES15]Arttu Vesterinen (2015) Startup teams and organizational systems intelligence (Aalto University) (in Finnish)


T[AND14]Juho Andelmin (2014) Optimal routing of electric vehicles (Aalto University)
T[FOR14]Jimmy Forsman (2014) Evaluating Options for International Software Expansion within a Partner Channel Model (Enoro Oy)
T[JUS14]Tomi Jussila (2014) The Impacts of Forecast Quality on an Energy Company (Helsingin Energia)
T[KLE14]Raul Kleinberg (2014) Evaluation of effect of time-dependent phenomena in probabilistic risk analysis (Fortum Power and Heat Oy) (in Finnish)
T[KOP14]Ville Koponen (2014) Estimating the use of public transport from smart card data (Strafica Oy) (in Finnish)
T[KOT14]Mikko Kotilainen (2014) Statistical modeling of ice-induced loads on a research vessel (Aalto University)
T[LIN14]Lasse Lindqvist (2014) Analysis of a predator-prey system with a shared diease
T[MÄK14]Harri Mäkelin (2014) Statistical Learning Based Classification of Rare Events in Predictive Maintenance
T[NIK14]Tuomas Nikoskinen (2014) Exposure estimation of interest rate derivatives with affine term structure models (Pohjola Bank)
T[PAA14]Tuomo Paavilainen (2014) Optimal Generation of Bent Plates in a Software Product (Tekla Oy)
T[PON14]Outi Pönni (2014) Post-processing wind speed forecasts with the extended logistic regression method for energy production (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
T[REN14]Olli Rentola (2014) Analyses of Online Advertising Performance Using Attribution Modeling
T[SCH14]Anton von Schantz (2014) Modeling egress congestion using a cellular automaton approach
T[VIR14]Vilma Virasjoki (2014) Market impacts of storage in a transmission- constrained power system (Aalto University)


T[HAR13]Mikko Harju (2013) Automated Construction of Dynamic Bayesian Networks in Simulation Metamodeling (Aalto University, School of Science)
T[HOT13]Rasmus Hotakainen (2013) Estimation of human error probabilities based on operating experience from a nuclear power plant (Fortum Oyj) (In Finnish)
T[HYT13]Noora Hyttinen (2013) The effect experience on knowledge extraction from accident reports (Kotka Maritime Research Center)
T[KAN13]Juha Kännö (2013) A short-term price forecast model of the Nordic electricity markets (UPM)
T[LAH13]Tuomas Lahtinen (2013) Path Dependency in the Even Swaps Method (Aalto University, School of Science)
T[LAI13]Pekka Laitila (2013) Improving the Use of Ranked Nodes in the Elicitation of Conditional Probabilities for Bayesian Networks (Aalto University, School of Science)
T[NIE13]Eerno Niemenmaa (2013) Computing Nash equilibrium in a telecommunication market model with different cognitive radio scenarios(Aalto University, School of Science)
T[NYS13]Tony Nysten (2013) Development and Communication of Short Term Sales Forecasts (Nokia)
T[OLL13]Joonas Ollila (2013) Portfolio Modeling in Environmental Decision Making (Aalto University, School of Science)
T[OST13]Lars Östring (2013) Product development process model for producing and maintaining market specific standard configurations (Enoro OY) (in Finnish)
T[PAR13]Kaisa Parkkila (2013) Value-at-Risk Analysis of Credit Portfolios (Fortum Oyj)
T[PUU13]Heikki Puustinen (2013) Military Aircraft Routing with Multi-Objective Network Optimization and Simulation
T[SAI13]Jussi Sainio (2013) Multi-Camera Object Tracking and Camera Calibration in a Video Content Analysis System (Mirasys Ltd.)
T[SAN13]Vendla Sandström (2013) Real-Time Resource Management and Activity Controlling - from a Push and Pull Perspective (Haahtela) (in Finnish)
T[VII13]Ville Viitasaari (2013) Modeling of Seaborne Forward Freight Rates


T[AHL12]Karin Ahlbäck (2012) Using Environmental Value Stream Mapping for Reducing Energy Consumption in Manufacturing (Grundfos A/S)
T[ALA12]Jari Alahuhta (2012) The Use of Multilevel Models to Evaluate the Effects of Pay Secrecy (Aalto University, School of Science)
T[HYN12]Yrjänä Hynninen (2012) An Efficiency Analysis of Service Providers in Oral Health Care (in Finnish)
T[LEP12]Ilkka Leppänen (2012) Cheap talk and cooperation in Stackelberg games (Aalto University, School of Science)
T[MAN12]Ilkka Mansikkamäki (2012) Histogram Based Signatures for Detecting Warranty Fraud
T[NUU12]Juha Nuutinen (2012) A Consumer Choice Model in Retailing of Health Products
T[SIL12]Taneli Silvonen (2012) Reliability Analysis for Passive Autocatalytic Hydrogen Recombiners of a Nuclear Power Plant (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
T[SOR12]Otto-Ville Sormunen (2012) Spill Estimation of Chemical Tanker Collisions in the Gulf of Finland
T[SUT12]Martti Sutinen (2012) Adaptive Emotion Based Decision Model for a Social Robot
T[TAL12]Lauri Talvikoski (2012) Short Term Load Forecasting with Analytic and Seasonal Time Series Methods (ABB)
T[TOR12]Juha Törmänen (2012) Systems Intelligence Inventory (Aalto University, School of Science)
T[VES12]Heikki Vesterinen (2012) Statistical Regression Models for Ship Performance Analysis


T[DAN11]Gillis Danielsen (2011) Optimizing Novel Technologies For Thermal Neutron Detection
T[ESK11]Olli Eskola (2011) Bayesian Games for Analysis of Asymmetric Warfare Tactics (Technical Research Centre of Finland)
T[HAS11]Aira Hast (2011) Assessment of Risks and Cost-Efficiency of National Greenhouse Gas Abatement Actions in Finland (Technical Research Centre of Finland) (in Finnish)
T[JUN11]Janne Junes (2011) Comparing Road Pavement Maintenance Strategies Using Simulation Model (The Finnish Transport Agency / Pöyry CM Oy) (in Finnish)
T[KOL11]Juha-Matti Koljonen (2011) Improving Signal/Noise Ratio by Simple Rules and Local Information (Aalto University School of Science and Technology)
T[LUU11]Teppo Luukkonen (2011) Emergency medicine services simulation and optimization model (in Finnish)
T[NUR11]Joni Nurmentaus (2011) Tactical Forecasting of Arrivals to Call Centers.
T[POR11]Jirka Poropudas (2011) Kalman Filter Algorithm for Rating and Prediction in Basketball (Master's Thesis in Statistics at Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Helsinki)
T[SAL11]Osmo Salomaa (2011) An Accessibility-Based Simulation Model for Destination and Mode Choice of Trips (in Finnish)
T[SAV11]Antti Savelainen (2011) Movement Artifact Detection from Electroencephalogram Utilizing Accelerometer
T[TYR11]Tero Tyrväinen (2011) Risk Importance Measures and Common Cause Failures in Dynamic Flowgraph Methodology (VTT Technical Research Center of Finland)


T[AHL10]Lassi Ahlvik (2010) Cost-Effective Nutrient Abatement in the Baltic Sea (MTT Agrifood Research Finland)
T[BAA10]Lars Baarman (2010) Computing the Thermochemical Balance (Aalto University School of Science and Technology) (in Finnish)
T[GUE10]Reda Guerfi (2010) The Effect of Inaccurate Parameters on the Assesment of Radiation Doses (Fortum Oyj) (in Finnish)
T[HAA10]Lauri Haapamäki (2010) Identifying Business Models in Networks (Pöyry Forest Industry Consulting)
T[HUO10]Aapo Huovila (2010) Evaluation of Workspace Performance with a Multi-Criteria Model Approach (Technical Research Centre of Finland)
T[HYR10]Lauri Hyry (2010) A Statistical Analysis of the Relationship of Quality Perceptions and Loyalty of Customers with the Sales of a Global Company (Aalto University School of Science and Technology)
T[JAA10]Väinö Jääskinen (2010) Modelling of Human Sleep Stage Transitions (Finnish Institute of Occupational Health)
T[KER10]Tuomas Kervinen (2010) A Linear Programming Approach to Estimate Hydropower Supply in the Nordic Electricity Market (Fortum Power and Heat)
T[KLE10]Arttu Klemettilä (2010) Three player oligopoly model to evaluate the economic impact of cognitive radio (Aalto University School of Science and Technology, Nokia Research Center)
T[KOK10]Juho Kokkala (2010) Optimal Allocation of Defensive Fighter Force (Aalto University School of Science and Technology)
T[KOT10]Marko Kotilainen (2010) Complex Network Approach to the Analysis of Industrial Collaborations (Aalto University School of Science and Technology)
T[LAI10]Janne Laitonen (2010) Risk Follow-up in Regulatory Control of Nuclear Safety (Nuclear Safety Authority) (in Finnish)
T[LIE10]Jari Liede (2010) Hedging Currency Exposures in a Multinational Corporation (Nordea Markets)
T[LOI10]Mikko Loimula (2010) Evaluation of Fire Risks for a Room in Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant Using Two Methods (Fortum Nuclear Services Oy)
T[LUT10]Mikko Luttinen (2010) No-Limit Texas Hold'em - Analysis of Cash Game Strategy (Aalto University School of Science and Technology) (in Finnish)
T[MAN10]Karl Johan Mangs (2010) Classifying Individual-Level Migration Behavior Using Multivariate Methods (Fonecta Ltd )
T[MAT10]Maija Mattinen (2010) Modeling and Forecasting of Local Geomagnetic Activity (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
T[NEV10]Eero Nevalainen (2010) Evaluation of Global Positioning System Augmentation Options for Finland (Indagon)
T[NUM10]Tuomas Nummelin (2010) Identification of Behavioural Changes from Large-Value Payment Systems Data (Bank of Finland)
T[PAS10]Tommi Pastinen (2010) Forecasting Systems in Sales and Materials Management (Aalto University School of Science and Technology) (in Finnish)
T[PEK10]Timo Pekkala (2010) Scenario Testing in Managing the Market Risk of an Interest Rate Derivatives Portfolio (Pohjola Bank plc)
T[RAS10]Harri Räsänen (2010) Capital Structure and Valuation - A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Finnish Companies (Aalto University School of Science and Technology)
T[TAA10]Mauno Taajamaa (2010) Acceleration of Innovation Processes in the ICT Sector (Aalto University School of Science and Technology)
T[YLI10]Jukka Ylitalo (2010) Resources and Growth Orientation as Predictors of Firm Growth (Software Business Lab)
T[YLI110]Jutta Ylitalo (2010) Modelling Marine Accident Frequency (Aalto Univeristy School of Science and Technology)


T[AUL09]Samuel Aulanko (2009) Work Cycle Modeling of Ship-to-Shore Container Cranes (100 Year Foundation of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries)
T[HEL09]Juho Helander (2009) Consideration of Major Uncertainties in the Risk Study of a Nuclear Power Plant (Fortum Nuclear Services Ltd )
T[HYV09]Tapani Hyvämäki (2009) Testing Bayesian Networks and Density Based Clustering in Maintenance Fault Detection (Helsinki University of Technology)
T[KUU09]Juha-Matti Kuusinen (2009) Modeling and Forecasting of People Flow in Buildings (Kone Oyj) (in Finnish)
T[LEI09]Topi Leisti (2009) Construction of the Network Optimization Based Simulation Model for Paper Industry (Stora Enso Newsprint & Book Paper)
T[LEP09]Matias Leppisaari (2009) Stochastic Modelling of Mortality Using Finnish Data (Mandatum Life)
T[LOI09]Mikko Loimula (2009) Evaluation of Fire Risks for a Room in Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant Using Two Methods (Fortum Nuclear Services Oy)
T[LUO09]Jukka Luoma (2009) Systems Intelligence in the Process of Systems Thinking (Helsinki University of Technology)
T[NIE09]Pyry-Matti Niemelä (2009) Benchmarking-mittaristo sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon tuotannonohjaukseen (NHG Benchmarking Oy)
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