Systems Analysis Laboratory

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis, School of Science

Systems Analysis Laboratory was established by emeritus professor Raimo P. Hämäläinen in 1984 within the professorship of applied mathematics in the Helsinki University of Technology which became part of  Aalto University in 2010. Currently, the laboratory is directed by professor Ahti Salo. Our other professors are Harri Ehtamo (emeritus), Risto Lahdelma (part-time), Fabricio Oliveira, Antti Punkka and Kai Virtanen. Emeritus professor Esa Saarinen from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management is a co-director of the Systems Intelligence Group.

The research interests of the laboratory cover the area of systems science comprehensively ranging from the mathematical theories and algorithms of optimization, control and decision making to the development of decision support tools for energy markets, climate change, maintenance and operation of safety-critical systems, healthcare services, and military operations research. The problems are analyzed with a balanced engineering-economic systems approach. The laboratory also has a long tradition in studying systems intelligence and applied philosophy in human organizations.

As a university institution, the laboratory is unique in Finland. It is responsible for the undergraduate major of Mathematics and Systems Sciences for students of Engineering Physics and Mathematics (Bachelor's programme) and for the graduate major of Systems and Operations Research (Master's programme). We also offer general courses in optimization, simulation, decision and risk analysis, investment science, and mathematical modelling. The laboratory is in charge of the national Doctoral Education Network in Systems Analysis, Decision Making, and Risk Management.