T[RUU19]Sampsa Ruutu: Dynamic modelling for the analysis and support of systemic innovations and competition strategies (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Lectio
T[VIR19]Vilma Virasjoki: Optimization Models for Assessing Energy Systems in Transition (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Lectio Picture


T[HYN18]Yrjänä Hynninen: Model-based efficiency analyses of healthcare delivery (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[LAH18]Tuomas Lahtinen: Improving the practice of model based problem solving with a systemic behavioral perspective (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Video1 Video2 Video3 Video4 Video5 Lectio


T[MIL17]Pekka Mild: Portfolio decision analysis for infrastructure and innovation management (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[SOR17]Janne Sorsa: Optimization models and numerical algorithms for an elevator group control system (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[TYR17]Tero Tyrväinen: Theoretical and methodological extensions to dynamic reliability analysis (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture


T[DUF16]Mikko Dufva: Knowledge creation in foresight - a practice- and systems-oriented view (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio Slides
T[KAN16]Jussi Kangaspunta: Resource allocation methods for defence and infrastructure systems (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[LEP16]Ilkka Leppänen: Cooperation, commitment, and other-regarding behavior in duopoly games (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Pictures Lectio
T[TOP16]Antti Toppila: Robust reliability and resource allocation - Models and algorithms (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio


T[KUU15]Juha-Matti Kuusinen: People Flow in Buildings - Evacuation Experiments and Modelling of Elevator Passenger Traffic (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[REP15]Anna Repo: Climate Impacts of Bioenergy from Forest Harvest Residues (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture 1 Picture 2


T[HEL14]Simo Heliövaara: Pedestrian Behavior in Evacuations - Simulation Models and Experiments (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[KÄK14]Anssi Käki: Decision Models for Managing Demand and Supply Uncertainties in Supply Networks Picture (Full electronic version)
T[VIL14]Eeva Vilkkumaa: Model-based decision processes for agenda building and project funding (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio Slides


T[EKH13]Ekholm, Tommi: Risks, costs and equity - Modelling efficient strategies for climate and energy policy Picture Picture
T[MAT13]Tuomas Mattila: Input-output analysis of the networks of production, consumption and environmental destruction in Finland Picture
T[MAT13a]Anna Matala: Methods and Applications of Pyrolysis Modelling for Polymeric Materials Picture
T[PUN13]Punkka, Antti: Rank-based information in multi-attribute decision and efficiency analysis (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio


T[SOR12]Soramäki, Kimmo: Topology, dynamics and bank behavior in interbank payment systems (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Picture Picture


T[BER11]Berg, Kimmo: A Learning Approach for Nonlinear Pricing Problem (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Picture
T[MAR11]Marttunen, Mika: Interactive multicriteria decision analysis in the collaborative management of watercourses (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Picture Picture Lectio
T[POR11]Poropudas, Jirka: Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, and games in simulation metamodeling (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla)


T[BRU10]Ville Brummer: Participatory Approaches to Foresight and Priority-Setting in Innovation Networks (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Picture


T[KET09]Kettunen, Janne: Applications of Stochastic Modeling for Investment Decision-Making under Market Uncertainties (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio
T[PER09]Perttunen, Jari: The LIGNUM Functional-Structural Tree Model (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio


T[JAR08]Jarimo, Toni: Innovation Incentives and the Design of Value Networks (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio
T[KAR08]Karelahti, Janne: Modeling and on-line solution of air combat optimization problems and games (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio
T[LIE08]Liesiö Juuso: Portfolio Decision Analysis for Robust Project Selection and Resource Allocation (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio Don Kleinmuntz: Opening Remarks


T[ALA07]Alanne, Kari: Applications of Decision Analysis in the Assessment of Energy Technologies for Buildings (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[MUS07]Mustajoki, Jyri: Interactive Multi-Criteria Decision Support - New Tools and Processes for Practical Applications (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio
T[SEP07]Seppä Mika: Quality Improvements for Multi-Modal Neuroimaging (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Picture Lectio


T[HOG06]Höglund, Albert: Advanced Mobile Network Monitoring and Automated Optimization Methods (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[KIT06]Kitti, Mitri: Affine Equations as Dynamic Variables to Obtain Economic Equilibria (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[KON06]Könnölä, Totti: Escaping Path Dependence – Essays on Foresight and Environmental Management (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture


T[GUS05]Gustafsson, Janne: Portfolio Optimization Models for Project Valuation (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Pictures
T[MAK05]Makkonen, Simo: Decision Modelling Tools for Utilities in the Deregulated Energy Market (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[NAS05]Näsäkkälä, Erkka: Electricity Derivative Markets: Investment Valuation Production Planning and Hedging. (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[VIR05]Kai Virtanen: Optimal Pilot Decisions and Flight Trajectories in Air Combat (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio


T[SAM04]Jukka-Pekka Salmenkaita: On Foresight Processes and Performance of Innovation Networks (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[SIN04]Kari Sinkko: Nuclear Emergency Response Planning Based on Participatory Decision Analytic Approaches (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Pictures


T[HOL03]Maria Holmberg: Modelling Studies on Soil-Mediated Response to Acid Deposition and Climate Variability (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture 1 Picture 2
T[KET03]Anu Kettunen: Modeling of Microscale Variations in methane Fluxes (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Slides Kalvot Picture
T[MUR03]Pauli Murto: On investment uncertainty, and strategic interaction with applications in energy markets. (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Tiedote Picture
T[NUR03]Jukka K. Nurminen: Modelling and implementation issues in circuit and network planning tools (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Tiedote Slides Picture
T[ROS03]Tony Rosqvist: On the use of expert judgement in the qualification of risk assessment (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture Lectio Picture
T[SEP03]Jyri Seppälä: Life cycle impact assessment based on decision analysis (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Tiedote Slides Picture


T[PYY02]Jouni Pyykönen: Computational simulation of aerosol behaviour (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Slides


T[INK01]Arto Inkala: Modelling of Water Circulation and the Dynamics of Phytoplankton for the Analysis of Eutrophication (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) R[INK01b] Picture
T[LEH01]Heikki Lehtonen: Principles Structure and Applications of Dynamic Regional Sector Model of Finnish Agriculture. (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture
T[UUT01]Kimmo Uutela: Estimating Neural Currents from Neuromagnetic Measurements (Avaa julkaisijan sivulla) Picture


T[LIN00]Marko Lindroos: Cooperation and Conflicts in High Seas Fisheries (defended at the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration) R[LIN00b] Picture
T[RAI00]Tuomas Raivio: Computational methods for dynamic optimization and pursuit-evasion games Picture R[RAI00b]
T[YLI00]Janica Ylikarjula: Nonlinearity and environmental stochasticity in ecological interactions R[YLI00b] Picture


T[LIN99]Miika Linna: Measuring Hospital Performance: the Productivity Efficiency and Costs of Teaching in Finnish Hospitals. Pictures R[LIN99a] R[LIN99b] Picture
T[SIM99]Kaisa Simola: Reliability methods in nuclear power plant ageing management Picture


T[KEP98]Jussi Keppo: On arbitrage optimal portfolio and equilibrium under frictions and incomplete markets. Picture R[KEP98a]
T[PÖY98]Mari Pöyhönen: On attribute weighting in value trees Pictures R[PÖY98a]
T[SIN98]Jukka Sinisalo: Estimation of greenhouse impacts of continuous regional emissions Picture R[SIN98]


T[HOL97]Jan Holmberg: Probabilistic safety assessment and optimal control of hazardous technological systems - A marked point process approach Picture R[HOL97]
T[SII97]Marja-Liisa Siikonen: Planning and control models for elevators in high-rise buildings Picture R[SII97b]


T[LAI96]Pertti Laininen: A multiple comparison procedure based on Mallows 1-distance bootstrap Pictures R[LAI96a]


T[JAU95]Osmo Jauri: Three essays on the pricing theory of seasoned share issues and investment banking services Picture R[JAU95]
T[KOL95]Tatu Koljonen: Simulation of the mashing process Picture R[KOL95]
T[RÄS95]Mika Räsänen: Modeling processes in the design of electricity tariffs Picture R[RÄS95]


T[LAH94]Risto Lahdelma: Object-oriented mathematical modelling
T[PUL94]Urho Pulkkinen: Statistical models for expert judgement and wear prediction R[PUL94]
T[VER94]Markku Verkama: Distributed methods and processes in games of incomplete information Pictures R[VER94b]


T[SAL92]Ahti Salo: Approximate ratio statements in hierarchical weighting models R[SAL92c]


T[RUU90]J. Ruusunen: Models of Intertemporal Bargaining


T[EHT89]Harri Ehtamo: Incentive strategies and bargaining solutions for dynamic decision problems R[EHT88b]


T[AIT88]Leena Aittoniemi: Basis representations in large-scale linear programming software P[AIT88]
T[HÄJ88]Jari Hämäläinen: Analysis of left ventricular function by optimization models R[HÄJ88b]


T[KAI85]Veijo Kaitala: Game theory models of dynamic bargaining and contracting in fisheries management R[KAI85]