Seminar with Decision Support & Operations Research Lab of Paderborn University

Wednesday 4. October 2017

Description The seminar cover timely topics in transportation optimization, modelling of energy technologies and markets, and decision analysis.

Professor Leena Suhl Padeborn University

Professor Ahti Salo Aalto University School of Science

Professor Risto Lahdelma Aalto University School of Science

Junior Professor Kevin Tierney Padeborn University

Research Assistant Corinna Hallmann Padeborn University

Doctoral Student Juho Andelmin Aalto University School of Science

Doctoral Student Tuomas Lahtinen Aalto University School of Science

Time and place

4.10.2017, 13:15-15:15

Aalto University, Otakaari 1 F, Espoo, Finland

Lecture hall U3 (Indoor map of Otakaari 1)

Registration Participants from Finland: We hope interested participants register by 3.10.2016 to Juho Roponen (firstname.lastname@kaoaxlktgoe.ffiit). E-mail subject line: "Seminar registration"


12.15-13.00 Lunch in Kvarkki
13.15-13.25 Professors Salo & Suhl "Opening"
13.25-13.45 Kevin Tierney "Liner Shipping Single Service Design Problem with Arrival Time Service Levels" (Slides)
13.45-14.05 Juho Andelmin "Solving the Green Vehicle Routing Problem" (Slides)
14.05-14.25 Tuomas Lahtinen "A Systemic Perspective on Bias Mitigation in Decision Analysis" (Slides)
14.25-14.35 Coffee
14.35-14.55 Risto Lahdelma “Modelling and Optimization of Polygeneration Systems” (Slides)
14.55-15.15 Corinna Hallmann “Solving a non-convex MIQCP Model for Water Tank Optimization” (Slides)