Doctoral Education Network in Systems Analysis, Decision Making and Risk Management

The education network is organized by a consortium of Finnish university units. It promotes research in operations research and involves supervising professors from all major Finnish university units in this field. The units' research is characterized by problem-oriented development and application of mathematical models to the decision support and model-based research and analyses of planning and decision problems in business, governmental and other organizations.

The core research areas of the doctoral education network include Optimization, Decision Analysis, Behavioral Decision Making, Efficiency Analysis, Foresight and Innovation Management, Portfolio Decision Analysis, Modeling and Simulation, Multiobjective Optimization, Systems Thinking, Systems Intelligence, Environmental Management, Climate Policy, Game Theory, Neuroeconomics, e-Commerce, Negotiations, Soft Computing, Real Option Valuation.

The supervising professors of the education network are internationally renowned scholars. Many of them have received significant scientific awards and established themselves in the editorial staffs of leading journals.

Research of the highest standards, internationality and doctoral students' active participation in research projects are key principles of the network.

Participating groups and institutions:

To get more information on the doctoral education network, please contact
the director of the network: Professor Ahti Salo, phone: +358 50 383 0636, email: