Supervising professors

Aalto University School of Science

Professor Ahti Salo,, Director of the network

Professor Pauliina Ilmonen,

Professor Risto Lahdelma,

Professor Fabricio Oliveira,

Professor Philine Schiewe,

Professor Kai Virtanen,

Aalto University School of Business

Professor Merja Halme,

Professor Ilkka Leppänen,

Professor Juuso Liesiö,

Professor Pekka Malo,

Professor Heikki Peura (from 1.1.2024),

Professor Eeva Vilkkumaa,

Senior University Lecturer Tomi Seppälä,

University of Jyväskylä

Professor Kaisa Miettinen,

Doctoral students are also supervised by experienced post-doc and senior researchers.

University of Turku

Professor Marko Mäkelä,

Professor Jukka Lempa, 

LUT University 

Professor Mikael Collan,

Professor Jyrki Savolainen,

Tampere University

Professor Juho Kanniainen,

Hanken School of Economics

Professor Anna Aminoff,

Professor Gyöngyi Kovacs,

Professor Peter Sarlin,

Also other faculty members may supervise full-time students at the participating university units. Senior research collaborators often instruct part-time students.

Emeritus professors

Aalto University School of Science

Professor Harri Ehtamo,

Professor Raimo P. Hämäläinen,

Aalto University School of Economics

Professor Markku Kallio,

Professor Pekka Korhonen,

Professor Jyrki Wallenius,

Åbo Akademi University

Professor Christer Carlsson,