T[KAK12]Anssi Käki: Impact of demand and supply uncertainties in decision models for operations management
T[VIL12]Eeva Vilkkumaa: Modeling uncertainties in portfolio decision analysis


T[HYT10]Henri Hytönen: Dynamic Models for the Valuation and Management of Intellectual Property Rights


T[BER08]Kimmo Berg: Computation under Limited Information in Nonlinear Pricing (TKK)


T[MIL07]Pekka Mild: Applications of Multicriteria Portfolio Models in Project Evaluation and Resource Allocation (TKK)


T[JAR06]Toni Jarimo: Partner Selection and Utility Sharing in Collaborative Networks (Technical Research Centre of Finland)
T[LIE06]Juuso Liesiö: Robust Portfolio Optimization in Multi-Criteria Project Selection (TKK)
T[PUN06]Antti Punkka: Incomplete Ordinal Information in Value Tree Analysis (TKK)


T[KON05]Totti Könnölä: Escaping Path-Dependence: Essays on Foresight and Environmental Management (HUT)


T[GUS04]Janne Gustafsson: Valuation of Projects and Real Options in Incomplete Markets
T[GUT04]Tommi Gustafsson: Computer-Supported Evaluation of National Technology Programmes
T[RAN04]Jukka Ranta: Optimal Control and Trajectory Optimization Applied to Evasion Analysis (HUT)


T[HAK03]Henri Hakonen: Simulation of Building Traffic and Evacuation by Elevators (Kone Ltd)


T[LIN00b]Mats Lindstedt: Experiences of Multi-attribute Risk Analysis in Nuclear Emergency Decision Support
T[MUR00]Pauli Murto: Models of Capacity Investment in Deregulated Electricity Markets


T[KET99]Eero Kettunen: Interactive methods for group decision and negotiation support
T[WEI99]Robert Weiss: A model for the water balance, water table and soil climate of boreal peatlands during the growing season. (HUT)
T[YLI99]Janica Ylikarjula: Dynamic complexity in discrete-time population models


T[HEI98]Pirja Heiskanen: Decentralized computation of Pareto solutions in multi-party negotiations
T[MOI98]Atte Moilanen: Optimization with evolutionary algorithms and local search (HUT)
T[SEI98]Ilkka Seilonen: A review of distributed and collaborative production management systems in discrete part manufacturing (VTT)


T[MIE97]Pauli Miettinen: Decision analytical perspective on environmental management of products (HUT)
T[SAI97]Timo Saija: Operations research based analysis on software engineering projects (HUT) (in Finnish)
T[SEP97]Jyri Seppälä: Decision analysis as a tool for life cycle impact assessment (HUT)


T[KET96]Anu Kettunen: Statistical analyses of the dynamics of methane emissions from a borealpeatland (HUT)
T[RAI96]Tuomas Raivio: Direct solution methods for optimal control problems and pursuit-evasion games (HUT)


T[JÄR95]Silja Järvinen: Optimisation-based Configuration in intelligent Decision Support Systems (in German)
T[PÖY95]Mari Pöyhönen: Hierarchical weighting procedures in multiattribute decision making
T[YLI95]Erkki Yli-Juuti: Stack gas flow measurement based on modeling of fan (IndMeas) (in Finnish)


T[ADL94]Frank Adler: An advanced desicion support system for production and distribution plannig at corporate level
T[HAA94]Juha Haataja: Suurten optimointitehtävien ratkaiseminen (in Finnish)


T[HOL93]Jan Holmberg: Operating experience feedback in probabilistic safety assessment
T[KOL93]Tatu Koljonen: Simulation of biochemical processes during malt mashing


T[JAU92]Osmo Jauri: Contingent claim analysis and term structures: Continuous time approaches into mathematical construction
T[RÄS92]Mika Räsänen: Customer reaction modelling in dynamic pricing of electricity
T[SIM92]Kaisa Simola: Probalistic methods in nuclear power plant component ageing
T[VAS92]Petri Vasara: CORONA - of knowledge-based simulation and market dynamics
T[VER92]Markku Verkama: On cooperation under incomplete information


T[LAH91]Risto Lahdelma: MME - a mathematical modelling environment
T[TÄH91]Markus Tähtinen: A holistic acidification model for estimating the trends decreasing the suplhur- and nitrogen emissions in Finland and cost estimates for emissions decreasing (in Finnish)


T[HOL90]Maria Holmberg: Ion exchange dynamics and soil acidification: Model development and testing R[HOL90]. (in Swedish)
T[KAR90]Ilkka Karanta: Short-term load forecasting in communal electric utilities
T[SAL90]Ahti Salo: Approximate preferences in hierarchical decision models (in Finnish)


T[PUL89]Urho Pulkkinen: Uncertainty in reliability and risk analysis (in Finnish)
T[SII89]Marja-Liisa Siikonen: Modelling and control of elevator traffic (in Finnish)


T[RUU86]Jukka Ruusunen: Dynamic cooperative decision making


T[BER85]Jukka Bergqvist: Decision support system for resource allocation in a corporation
T[HÄJ85]Jari Hämäläinen: Optimal control modeling in cardiovascular biomechanics