Scientific Publishing in Operations Research and Management Science - 2017


The seminar seeks to improve the writing skills of participating doctoral students by giving them opportunities for providing and receiving constructive feedback on papers which are written by the participants themselves. As a rule, these papers are at an advanced stage of preparation and therefore nearly ready for submission to scientific journals.

The seminar is lead by Prof. Ahti Salo and Prof. Juuso Liesiö (forname.surname@bamaklytmof.afwif) , and M.Sc. (Tech.) Yrjänä Hynninen (forname.surname@bamaklytmof.afwif) is the course assistant. The seminar is open for all doctoral students in the Doctoral Programme in Systems Analysis, Decision Making, and Risk Management.

The students are required (i) to read carefully the paper which is made available to the course participants before the meeting and (ii) to prepare and present a 2-page review report on the paper. These reports are discussed at the seminar meeting with the aim of helping the author(s) strengthen the scientific contribution of the paper and improve the quality of presentation. The paper can be downloaded about a week before the meeting (password can be requested from the course assistant). At times, more than two papers may be made available to the participants. In this case, those attending the seminar are expected to have written a review report on at least one of the papers.

The course participants will be awarded one ECTS credit for active participation in three meetings. The course can be taken several times.

Meetings are held in the Systems Analysis Laboratory or at the Töölö Campus. The dates and times of these meetings are shown on the course website.

  • Thu 19.1.2017 at 16.15 in Riihi (Y225a)
    1. Sillanpää, V. and Liesiö, J.: Using planned orders as a forecasting method in retail: value of modelling consumer demand with distributions
    2. Hynninen, Y., Linna, M., and Vilkkumaa, E.: Value of genetic information: assessing cost-effective testing strategies in the prevention of CVD
  • Thu 16.2.2017 at 16.15 in G-107, Chydenia-building, Runeberginkatu 22-24
    1. Upreti, B. R., Asatianin, A., and Malo, P.: 
      Mapping of Cloud computing research – Application of natural language processing in literature review
    2. Tosoni, E., Salo, A., and Zio, E.: Scenario analysis for the safety assessment of nuclear waste repositories: a critical review
  • Thu 30.3.2017 at 16.15 in Riihi (Y225a)
    1. Virasjoki, V., Siddiqui, A., Zakeri, B., and Salo, A.: Market power and cross-commodity effects in the Nordic heat and power markets
  • Thu 26.10.2017 at 16.15 in Riihi (Y225a)
    1. Ekholm, T.: Optimal mitigation strategy under uncertainty and learning on climate sensitivity and damages
  • Thu 30.11.2017 at 16.15 in Riihi (Y225a)
  1. Mancuso, A., Compare, M., Salo, A., and Zio, E.: Portfolio optimization of structural safety measures for dynamic systems
  • Thu 15.02.2018 at 16.15 in Riihi (Y225a)
  1. Liesiö, J., Andelmin, J., and Salo, A.: Robust resource allocation decisions based on efficiency analysis