Seminaarin ohjelma - 2011

  • 20.1. Kangaspunta, J., Liesiö, J. and Salo, A. (Manuscript January 5, 2011): Cost-Efficiency Analysis of Weapon System Portfolios (pdf).
  • 3.2. Toppila, A., Liesiö, L. and Salo, A. (Manuscript January 21, 2011): A Resource Allocation Model for R&D Investments- A Case Study in Telecommunication Standardization (pdf).
  • 17.2. Vilkkumaa, E., Salo, A., Liesiö, J. (Manuscript February 7, 2011): Uncertainties and Post-Decision Disappointment in Portfolio Selection (pdf).
  • 3.3. Käki, A., Salo A. and Talluri, S. (Manuscript February 24, 2011): Evaluating procurement approaches in the presence of inter-dependent uncertainties in demand and material availability (pdf).
  • 27.4. klo 14.00! Liesiö, J. (Manuscript 7.4.2011): Measurable Multiattribute Value Functions for Project Portfolio Selection and Resource Allocation (pdf).
  • 16.5. T. Könnölä, A. Salo, C. Cagnin, Vicente Carabias and E. Vilkkumaa (Manuscript 2011): Facing the Future: Scanning, Synthesizing and Sense-Making in Horizon Scanning Fourth International Seville Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis, Seville, Spain, 12-13 May 2011. (pdf, tunnus ja salasana sal/sal)
  • ti 8.11. klo 16 Vilkkumaa, E., Liesiö, J., Salo, A. (Manuscript October 28, 2011): Bayesian Evaluation and Selection Strategies in Portfolio Decision Analysis (pdf).
  • ma 28.11. klo 16 Käki, A., Salo A. and Talluri, S. (Manuscript November 18, 2011): Impact of the Demand Distribution Shape on Decision Models for Operations Management (pdf).