Negotiation Strategies and Skills

March - May 2015

Participate in a course in which we take part in the web course Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills and jointly discuss and practice the materials in weekly study group meetings which are held at Aalto University's Otaniemi campus.

There are two options to take the course.

1. Take actively part in weekly meetings and complete the course at Coursera. Every student has to participate in organizing the meetings. These responsibilities will be distributed at the first meeting which is organized by Tuomas. You will be awarded 2 or 3 credits. The number is decided when the workload is known.

2.Take the course individually at Coursera. After you have taken the course send statement of accomplishment to Tuomas. You do not need to purchase anything at Coursera. Free certificate is enough. You will be awarded 1 credit.

First meeting will be held at 18.3.2015 16.30 at Otakaari 1 F (old TKK main building). The room will be confirmed later.

The credits with grade pass or fail will be awarded in Mat-2.4194 Research Course in Systems Science. The supervisor of the course is Prof. Raimo P. Hämäläinen.

Please sign up for the course by e-mailing Tuomas Lahtinen (@tabaelpthon.qfkie">firstname.j.lastname@tabaelpthon.qfkie). There is room for 15 persons to take the course with option 1.

We encourage anyone from Aalto or Doctoral Education Network in  Aalto or Doctoral Education Network in Systems Analysis, Decision Making and Risk Management to participate.