Bachelor's Seminar in Systems Sciences

The Bachelor's Seminar in Systems Sciences supports students in writing their bachelor's theses. The goal is to develop students' capabilities for scientific reporting, as well as to learn to apply systems and operations research methods skillfully and responsibly. At the seminar, the students present their work plans for their Bachelors' theses and the main results of their research to the other participants of the seminar and to the teacher. Participating in the seminar gives a good overview of the applications and methods used in systems and operations research.

As a general rule, the aim of the bachelor's thesis in Systems Sciences is to familiarize the student with one of the methods of systems and operations research, to solve a limited problem using the method and to report the results carefully. It is also possible for the thesis to be a literature review.

You can read the general instructions for the bachelor's thesis here (in Finnish). However, the instructions on found on this webpage will outweigh the more general ones.

Participation and completion

Bachelor's Seminar is compulsory part of bachelor's degree, and this seminar is recommended for all students focusing on systems sciences.

Seminar events are organized at least four times during the academic year and more often if necessary. Students are required to attend the seminar at least twice. The first of these will take place at the beginning of the bachelor's thesis work when the student presents the subject of the thesis agreed with the supervisor and the plan for the work. In the second seminar meeting the student presents the main results of the finished bachelor's thesis. Passing the seminar requires a presentation of both the subject and the work plan as well as the results. For detailed instructions on how to complete the seminar, please refer to Phases of the Bachelor's Thesis.

Schedule and enrollment

A link to the schedule for this academic year can be found in the sidebar on the left.

Note: More meetings can be organized as needed. You can ask the seminar organizer about the possibility of organizing a meeting outside the schedule. Such extra meetings will be considered if at least 3 students are participating.

The events are open to everyone. Students who wish to hold a presentation at the Bachelor's Seminar must register to Olli Herrala (, at least one week before the meeting. The students must also send presentation slides approved by the supervisor when registering. See. for more details on the Phases of the Bachelor's Thesis.

Study credits

Bachelor's thesis and seminar total 10cr.


Professor Ahti Salo is the teacher responsible for the seminar. The seminar organizer is M.Sc. Olli Herrala.