Antti Toppila

Danske Bank



Research interests

  • Multiple criteria decision analysis
  • Robust Portfolio Modeling (RPM) methodology
  • Incomplete information
  • Modeling of epistemic uncertainty
  • Binary decision diagrams


[I] A. Toppila and A. Salo 2013. A computational framework for prioritization of events in fault tree analysis under interval-valued probabilities. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Vol. 62, No. 3, pp. 583-595.

[II] A. Toppila and A. Salo 2016. Selection of risk reduction portfolios under interval-valued probabilities. Manuscript, 30 pages.

[III] A. Toppila and A. Salo 2016. Binary decision diagrams for generating and storing non-dominated project portfolios with interval-valued project scores. Manuscript, 30+10 pages.

[IV] A. Toppila, J. Liesiö and A. Salo 2011. A Resource Allocation Model for R&D Investments - A Case Study in Telecommunication Standardization. In: A. Salo, J. Keisler and A. Morton (eds.), Portfolio Decision Analysis: Improved Methods for Resource Allocation, Springer, New York.



MS-E2114 Investment science (lecturer 2016)

Mat-2.3140 Linear Programming (lecturer 2010-2011, assistant 2006-2009)

MS-E2117 Riskianalyysi (assisting teacher 2014-2015)