Leevi Olander


Aalto University
Undergraduate center
Room Y223
Otakaari 1, Espoo




All emails should include "SALWEB" in their subject. This allows the webmaster to easily document and categorize his work. Alternatively, you can discuss matters with him in person. 

Contact Protocol

When contacting the webmaster you should present your matter in such a manner that it is easily understandable. Important questions that should be answered are:

  1. What? What should be changed. Be explicit. 
  2. Where? On what page should this change be made. Provide the exact url, don't just say on the website.
  3. How? To what something should be changed. Again, be explicit. The webmaster can come up with his own solutions, but they are probably not what you expected and want. The webmaster would like to fix a problem and then get one with another one, rather than implementing small changes several times.
  4. Why? This one is probably not always necessary, but could provide valuable insight in the problem that you want fixed.

Contact Examples

The link example.url.com on the page example.site.com is no longer up to date. Change it to example.new.url.com

The link example.url.com on the page example.site.com is no longer up to date. Update it.

There is a broken link on our website. Update it.