Information for students

Doctoral studies

Each doctoral student has a supervising professor. The doctoral studies are carried out in the area of the supervising professor's research interests. The studies include course work and a dissertation. The courses are taken in the participating universities and supplemented by the special courses organized by the doctoral education network. The dissertations typically consist of 3-5 scientific peer-reviewed papers and a summarizing overview. The articles are usually written in collaboration with the participating research group's faculty.

Eligibility and Enrollment

A student must have a suitable master's degree and a strong commitment to pursue research of highest standards. Prospective students who have a supervising professor and own funding can apply to the doctoral education network at any time. Students are enrolled at the supervising professor's university. Enrollment procedures and admission requirements vary. The enrollment procedure is independent of the admission to the doctoral education network (for details, see the instructions on the participating universities' web sites).There are no tuition fees in Finnish universities. Students can only be enrolled at and listed in one of the doctoral education networks supported by the Academy of Finland.

Students who work full-time in the research groups are called full-time students. They are funded directly by the research group or through scholarships. Full-time students are expected to complete their doctoral studies in four years.

It is also possible to be a part-time student. These part-time students typically work in a research institute and carry out doctoral studies along their daily work. Most activities of the doctoral education network are open for part-time students as well.



  • The doctoral education network organizes intensive courses. Most of these courses are lectured by leading international scholars. They are open to everyone interested in the subject.
  • The doctoral education network organizes seminars at least once a year. The seminars are usually open to all students of the doctoral education network.
  • The doctoral education network provides funding for full-time students' participation in international summer schools and intensive courses.

Information about studying in Finland

The students arrange their accommodation and visas etc. by themselves. For information see, for example, the universities' sites for prospective students: Aalto University School of Science, University of Jyväskylä, University of Turku.

Useful information about studying in Finland is also given on the webpages of Study in Finland

TUCS doctoral programme's information for foreign students is focused for prospective students of universities in the city of Turku, but most of the information is valid for other cities in Finland, too.