Doctoral Education Network Seminar Cruise, Tallinn, Estonia


Monday 29 May and Tuesday 30 May 2017


Seminar on scientific publishing and research careers






Supervisors and academic faculty (12)

Aalto SCI:
Prof. Ahti Salo

Prof. Harri Ehtamo

Prof. Raimo Hämäläinen

Prof. Hannele Wallenius
Dr. Kimmo Berg


Aalto BIZ:

Prof. Markku Kallio

Prof. Pekka Korhonen

Prof. Juuso Liesiö

Prof. Pekka Malo
Prof. Jyrki Wallenius

Dr. Tomi Seppälä


University of Turku:

Dr. Yury Nikulin



Doctoral students (17)


Aalto SCI:

Mikko Harju

Yrjänä Hynninen

Tuomas Lahtinen

Pekka Laitila

Heikki Puustinen

Juho Roponen

Janne Sorsa

Edoardo Tosoni

Vilma Virasjoki

Anton von Schantz


Aalto BIZ:

Olga Gorskikh

Anna Lukkarinen

Tommi Pajala

Ville Sillanpää

Peng Xu


University of Jyväskylä:

Tinkle Chugh


Lappeenranta University of Technology:

Mariia Kozlova






Seminar Program


Monday 29. May


Meeting at the West Harbor Terminal 2 (Tyynenmerenkatu 14, Helsinki) at the entrance of terminal building under the big T2 text

Please do remember to bring your passport!


The ship departs.

Meeting in the conference room on board the ship.

Objectives of the seminar (Ahti Salo).

Short introductions by all participating doctoral students.


The ship arrives in Tallinn.

Bus transport from the harbour to the Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel.


Lunch buffet at the hotel


First group session on the manuscripts of doctoral students.

(see below for the groups)


Second group session on the manuscripts of doctoral students.

(see below for the groups)


Coffee Break


Examples of research careers – what matters and why?

Short introductory statements by professors (à 7 minutes) followed by a panel discussion

For useful background information, see


Registration at the hotel


Meeting in the hotel lobby, then a walk to the conference dinner


Conference dinner at restaurant Bocca


Tuesday 30. May


Breakfast at the hotel


Perspectives into the quality of scientific journals
Finnish Publication Forum (Ahti Salo)

Financial Times 50 (FT 50) and the Chartered Association of Business Schools’ Academic Journal Guide 2015  (Jyrki Wallenius)


Free time in Tallinn.


Meeting in front of the buffet restaurant on board the ship.



Buffet dinner.

Ship departs.


Ship arrives in Helsinki.


Working Groups


Session 1

A1: P. Laitila and K. Virtanen: Representation of Probabilistic Relationships in Bayesian Networks by Ranked Nodes Method — Study on Principle and Practical Applicability

Edoardo Tosoni, Juho Roponen, Vilma Virasjoki


A2: T. Pajala: Predicting choice quality with decision style, cognitive reflection and decision environment

Tuomas Lahtinen, Juuso Liesiö, Hannele Wallenius, Jyrki Wallenius, Markku Kallio


A3: O. Montonen, N. Karmitsa, and M. M. Mäkelä: Multiple Subgradient Descent Bundle Method for Convex Nonsmooth Multiobjective Optimization

Mikko Harju, Kimmo Berg, Pekka Malo, Yury Nikulin


A4: J. Sorsa, J-M. Kuusinen, H. Halonen, A. Aspelund, and M-L. Siikonen: Passenger batches in office, hotel and residential buildings

Sillanpää Ville, Anton von Schantz, Heikki Puustinen, Harri Ehtamo


A5: Y. Hynninen, E. Vilkkumaa, and A. Salo: Optimization of population-level testing and treatment strategies in health sector

Tinkle Chugh, Ahti Salo, Peng Xu, Anna Lukkarinen, Olga Gorskikh


Session 2


B1: E. Tosoni, A. Salo, and E. Zio: Bayesian Networks For Comprehensive Scenario Analysis Of Nuclear Waste Repositories
Janne Sorsa, Ahti Salo, Yrjänä Hynninen, Pekka Laitila


B2: M. Harju, K. Virtanen, and J. Liesiö: Spatial Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis: Axiomatic foundations and Incomplete Preference Information
Juuso Liesiö, Harri Ehtamo, Juho Roponen, Jyrki Wallenius


B3: M. Kallio and A. Khabazian: Cooperative Mitigation of Contagion in Financial Networks

Pekka Malo, Kimmo Berg, Anna Lukkarinen, Peng Xu


B4: V. Sillanpää: Model for simulating retail’s replenishment ordering over time

Heikki Puustinen, Virasjoki Vilma


B5: T. Lahtinen, C. Jenytin, and R. Hämäläinen: Computational analysis for the design of bias mitigation methods in preference elicitation

Tinkle Chugh, Tommi Pajala, Yury Nikulin, Hannele Wallenius