Autumn 2019

Date Lecturer Topic
02.09     Prof. Ahti Salo Reports on conferences in summer 2019
16.09 M.Sc. Ellie Dillon Posters, why should we care?
23.09 M.Sc. Lucas Condeixa Reports on ICSP 2019
30.09 M.Sc. Ellie Dillon Progress on poster development
07.10 Dr. Juha Kiviluoma Manage Modeling with Spine Toolbox
14.10 B.Sc. Jaan Tollander de Balsch Shelf Space Allocation
21.10. No Monday Seminar -
28.10. M.Sc. Ellie Dillon and D.Sc. Vilma Virasjoki SAL Wiki

Prof. emeritus Raimo P. Hämäläinen

Frank P. Ramsey Medal 2019 Acceptance Talk
(please note that the room is M1)

11.11. B.Sc. Leevi Olander New SAL website: progress
25.11. B.Sc. Leevi Olander New SAL website: how to edit them (demo)
9.12. M.Sc. Jussi Leppinen Maintenance scheduling of a multi-component system
16.12. B.Sc. Olli Herrala Decision Programming


Optimal forest rotation, carbon pricing and forest damage risk