Spring 2019

Date Lecturer Topic
07.01     Dr. Tommi Ekholm Optimal forest rotation, carbon pricing and forest damage risk
14.01 Prof. Antti Punkka Presentation of student feedbacks
01.02 Prof. Prabhu Manyem An optimization model for adaptive rescheduling of flight after disruptions
04.02 M.Sc. Mikko Harju Spatial multi-attribute decision analysis: Axiomatic Foundations and incomplete preference information
18.02 M.Sc. Edoardo Tosoni Scenario comprehensiveness in risk analysis
04.03 Prof. Antti Punkka Discussion on future System Research Seminars
11.03 M.Sc. Anton von Schantz Overtaking others in a spatial game of exit congestion
18.03 Dr. Tommi Ekholm Dominance over attributes and beliefs
01.04 M.Sc. Alessandro Mancuso Cyber insurance and its contribution to cyber risk mitigation
08.04 B.Sc. Leevi Olander Updates to SAL website
06.05 M.Sc. Ellie Dillon Communication softwares
13.05 Dr. Yue Zhou-Kangas Multiobjective elevator group control optimization under uncertainty
20.05 Dr. Lina Reichenberg Deep decarbonization and the Supergrid – prospects for electricity transmission between Europe and China
27.05 M.Sc. Lucas Condeixa A new approach for measuring the data aggregation quality in power systems optimization
03.06 Dr. Antti Punkka Summer trainees + Course feedback


Optimal forest rotation, carbon pricing and forest damage risk