Autumn 2018

Date Lecturer Topic
13.08     Prof. Matteo Brunelli (University of Trento) Introductory presentation
13.08 M.Sc. Pekka Laitila 29th EURO conference, Valencia, Spain
20.08 Dr. Andrea Carvalho (Istituto Nacional de Tecnologia) Introductory presentation
28.08 M.Sc. Nikita Belyak Introductory presentation
03.09 M.Sc. Alessandro Mancuso Portfolio optimization of security measures for protecting electrical power systems from cyber threats
10.09 Dr. Andrea Carvalho (Istituto Nacional de Tecnologia) Data-driven robust optimization under uncertainty
17.09 M.Sc. Ellie Dillon

Family history-based colorectal cancer screening in Australia: costs, benefits and Harms

24.09 Prof. Raimo Hämäläinen

Systems Intelligence - A core competence for next generation engineers?

8.10 Dr. Kimmo Berg How to not publish in top game theory Journals
15.10 Olander Leevi Generating a navigation graph for coastal waters
22.10 Prof. Fabricio Oliveira Decomposition strategies for stochastic integer programming: challenges and perspectives
05.11 Dr. Tuomas Lahtinen Experiences in Operations Research
12.11 M.Sc. Alessandro Mancuso Tips for thesis instructors
 26.11 Heini Kanerva A stochastic model for inventory management of blood products with age-specific demand
3.12 Prof. Ahti Salo Experiences at London Business School
10.12 Patrick Lahti Effect of protective structures on survivability under indirect fire
17.12 Dr. Yue Zhou-Kangas Introductory presentation