Kevään 2016 ohjelma

pvm esitelmöijä aihe
11.1. Prof. Peter Sarlin Activities of RiskLab Finland
8.2. Prof. Jeffrey Keisler Introduction
15.2. MSc Edoardo Tosoni Scenario analysis for nuclear waste repositories
7.3. MSc Ilkka Leppänen
Partial commitments
14.3. Dr Eeva Vilkkumaa About the Bachelor's seminar
21.3. MSc Olle Stenius Stochastic Inventory Control in Distribution Systems
4.4. Dr Joseph Guillaume The breadth of ways to approach uncertainty in modelling: concepts and case studies
11.4. MSc Anton von Schantz Spatial games and evacuation modeling
18.4. Dr. Heikki Peura From SAL via LBS to Imperial College
25.4. Dr Matteo Brunelli A decision support system for tuning paper machines
2.5. MSc Tuomas Lahtinen On the design and analysis of Behavioural Operations Research experiments
23.5. MSc Yrjänä Hynninen A decision-analytic approach for the optimal allocation of resources to diagnostic testing and treatment
30.5. All Teacher of the Year awards
6.6. Prof. Ahti Salo Platform Value Now project
13.6. MSc Tuomas Lahtinen Path Dependence in Operational Research – How the Modeling Process Can Influence the Results
20.6. MSc Pekka Laitila Improving Construction of Conditional Probability Tables for Ranked Nodes in Bayesian Networks
7.7. Dr Kimmo Berg Exclusion method for finding Nash equilibrium in Multiplayer games