Syksyn 2015 ohjelma

pvm esitelmöijä aihe
7.9. BSc Teemu Seeve A Method for Estimating the Selection and Systematic Biases in Project Portfolio Selection
14.9. Prof. Tommi Tervonen Modelling Project Preferences in Multiattribute Portfolio Decision Analysis
Senior Research Scholar Leena Ilmola
28.9. MSc Ilkka Leppänen
Evolutionarily stable conjectures and other regarding preferences in duopoly games
12.10. Tapio Hautamäki
Systems intelligence and team performance
19.10. Lari Pelkola Exit selection of Leader and Follower agents in evacuation simulations
2.11. Juho Timonen Computation of mixed strategy equilibria in repeated games
9.11. MSc Antti Toppila
Solving problems in operations research using binary decision diagrams
16.11. Prof. Hämäläinen, MSc Lahtinen
Greetings from IIASA Systems Analysis conference
MSc Alessandro Mancuso
Portfolio optimisation for Defence-in-Depth
7.12. Dr Matteo Brunelli
Greetings from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
14.12. All Teacher of the Year and Christmas glögi