Kevään 2015 ohjelma

pvm esitelmöijä aihe

19.1. MSc Vilma Virasjoki Market impacts of storage in a transmission-constrained power system
26.1. MSc Juha Törmänen Methods and tools at CMI
Prof. Enrico Bartolini
An algorithm for “green” routing
16.2. All Policies related to the Bachelor's Theses
23.2. Dr Eeva Vilkkumaa and others
Writing skills for bachelor's students
9.3. Dr Kimmo Berg
Golden and other easter eggs in bargaining
23.3. Prof. (emer) Björn Wahlström
Course on Security Management
30.3. MSc Alessandrom Mancuso
A risk-based approach for the prioritization of pipe inspections in the presence of imprecise knowledge
13.4. BSc Teemu Tiinanen
PoSITeams application demo
All Teacher of the year awards
27.4. MSc Tuomas Lahtinen and MSc Pekka Laitila Greetings from the International Early Stage Researcher Training School on Applying Expert Judgement Methodologies to Real Problems
11.5. MSc Nils Lerche Introduction
25.5. All New summer trainees
1.12. MSc Ilmari Pärnänen
Ilmari's work at SAL
8.6. MSc Ilkka Leppänen
NPE Conference presentation

MSc Tuomas Lahtinen, Dr Eeva Vilkkumaa, MSc Antti Toppila

EURO Conference presentations