Syksyn 2014 ohjelma

pvm esitelmöijä aihe

1.9. Prof. Vernon Ireland Complex Systems Modelling
8.9. All Greetings from conferences
15.9. Niko Liétzen Some notes on ICA and Underlying Structures in Cancer Incidences in Finland
22.9. Lari Pelkola Cosmological problem
29.9. All General matters
6.10. MSc Anton von Schantz Cellular Automaton Evacuation Model Coupled with a Spatial Game
13.10. All General discussion
20.10. Dr Paula Siitonen Teaching on facilitation
17.11. Professors INFORMS annual meeting, San Fransisco
24.11. All General matters
1.12. Prof. Arnaud Malapert Constraint programming
8.12. Dr Kimmo Berg Experiences from abroad
15.12. All Christmas coffees and best teacher awards