Kevään 2014 ohjelma

pvm esitelmöijä aihe

3.2. Prof. Ahti Salo COST Actions in the European Cooperation for Science and Technology
24.2. Prof. Raimo Hämäläinen Greetings from down under
3.3. MSc Antti Toppila About the bachelor's seminar
17.3. LicSc Eeva Vilkkumaa Selecting a portfolio of actions with incomplete and action-dependent scenario probabilities
24.3. MSc Carlos Castillo Overcurrent Relay Coordination Using Non Linear Optimization Methods and Unconventional Time Curves
31.3. MSc Yrjänä Hynninen Presentation
7.4. All General discussion
28.4. PhD Tommi Tervonen Entropy-optimal weight constraint elicitation with additive multi-attribute utility models
5.5. Dr Roberto Roberti Exact Approaches for the Fixed Charge Transportation Problem
19.5. All Teacher of the year
26.5. MSc Ilkka Leppänen Emotions in a repeated Cournot game: a psychophysiological experiment
9.6. Dr Juuso Liesiö and Teemu Tiinanen How to edit the SAL website
16.6. All General matters