Syksyn 2013 ohjelma

pvm esitelmöijä aihe

13.8. Prof. Enrico Bartolini About me and my research
19.8. Pekka Laitela, Eeva Vilkkumaa et al. Summer school and conference gretings
26.8. Dipl.-Kfm. Thomas Fliedner About me
2.9. MSc Tuomas Lahtinen The online learning website Coursera
9.9. Prof. Enrico Bartolini A branch-and-price algorithm for the fixed-charge transportation problem
23.9. Dr Mikko Viinikainen A visit at the KOSMOS summer school
30.9. Dr Rachel Jones A Photo Elicitation of Systemic Perception
14.10. Dipl.-Kfm. Thomas Fliedner How Decision Makers Solve the Knapsack Problem: An Experimental Investigation
21.10. Prof. Andrew L. Johnson (Texas A&M) Regulating Local Monopolies in Electricity Transmission: A Real-world Application of the StoNED Method
28.10. BSc Markus Kärki Equilibria in repeated games
11.11. Prof. Michael E. Schuckers (St. Lawrence University) Some Statistical Results about the National Hockey League
18.11. Lauri Kauppinen Multistage investment under two sources of uncertainty - a real options approach
25.11. Juulia Happonen Psychophysiological responses in an economic experiment
9.12. BSc Juho Andelmin Robust Portfolio Modelling for Allocating Resources to Decision Making Units