Title: Facilitated workshop on clean-up actions in inhabited areas in Finland after an accidental release of radionuclides.

Authors: Kari Sinkko, Michael Ammann, Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Jyri Mustajoki

Status: Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, STUK-A214, December 2005.

Keywords: nuclear emergency management, clean-up actions, decision support, multiattribute risk analysis, key player participation

Clean-up actions in inhabited areas cannot be undertaken without dialogue and consensus between the stakeholders and inhabitants in the contaminated area. In this report, possible clean-up strategies are studied in a hypothetical radiation accident at a nuclear power plant. The effectiveness to reduce the dose, the monetary costs of actions, workers risks and actions feasibility were assessed. The clean-up strategies were analysed in a facilitated workshop which was attended by all key players in order to find out the most appropriate strategies to protect the public, the workers and the environment.

The participants rated the workshop method very valuable. The most adequate clean-up strategy was found and agreed upon; during the workshop the participants were even able to improve the outcome by modifying the strategy options prepared in advance. The positive feedback and high commitment to the work could be a result from the transparent process and the fact that many participants were local inhabitants in the most ‘contaminated’ area. This emphasized the importance of local public participation in the environmental decision-making process.