Title: Experiences in Methods to Involve Key Players in Planning Protective Actions in the Case of a Nuclear Accident

Authors: K. Sinkko, R.P. Hämäläinen and R. Hänninen

Status: Radiation Protection Dosimetry (2004), Vol. 109, Nos 1-2, pp. 127-132

A widely used method in the planning of protective actions is to establish a stakeholder network to generate a comprehensive set of generic protective actions. The aim is to increase competence and build links for communication and coordination. The approach of this work was to systematically evaluate protective action strategies in the case of a nuclear accident. This was done in a way that the concerns and issues of all key players could be transparently and equally included in the decision taken. An approach called Facilitated Decision Analysis Workshop has been developed and tested. The work builds on case studies in which it was assumed that a hypothetical accident had led to a release of considerable amounts of radionuclides and, therefore, various types of countermeasures had to be considered. Six workshops were organised in the Nordic countries where the key players were represented, i.e. authorities, expert organisations, industry and agricultural producers.