Title: Participatory Development of Future-Oriented Policy Configurations for Climate Change and Mobile Gaming

Authors: Ahti Salo, Robin Gustafsson, Ilkka Kaakkolammi and Tommi Gustafsson

Date: May, 31 2005

Status: New Horizons and Challenges for Future-oriented Technology Analysis, Proceedings of the EU-US Scientific Seminar: New Technology Foresight, Forecasting and Assessment Methods, Seville, May 13-14, 2004. European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Technical Report Series EUR 21473 EN.

Keywords: Technology foresight, decision analysis, multi-criteria methods, energy policy, industrial cluster, mobile services.

Further to the Kyoto treaty, many nations have committed themselves to challenging targets for reducing CO2 emissions as a step towards the mitigation of harmful consequences of climate change. In this paper, we report a policy workshop where Finnish experts took stock of a national research and technology development programme on climate change and employed Internet-based decision aiding tools in the development of policy recommendations: for example, they used multidimensional weighting procedures to characterise requisite policy measures across four application domains. More generally, we argue multidimensional weighting procedures can assist in the development of policy configurations that link private and public actions for the attainment of future targets. Towards this end, we structure relevant dimensions in the fostering of an industrial cluster of mobile gaming and present an illustrative application of how the resulting framework can be plausibly applied to derive priorities for research and technology development.