Title: Web-HIPRE - A Java Applet for AHP and Value Tree Analysis

Authors: Jyri Mustajoki and Raimo P. Hämäläinen

Status: ISAHP 1999, Kobe, Japan, August 12-14, 1999


Web-HIPRE is a Java applet for multiple criteria decision analysis based on the well-known decision support software HIPRE 3+. Being located on the Internet, Web-HIPRE can be accessed from everywhere in the world. This opens up a completely new era and dimension in decision support. Web-HIPRE provides a common platform for individual and group decision support. The individual models can be processed at the same or at different times and the results can be easily shared and combined. In addition to global access, an essential WWW feature is the possibility to define links to other WWW addresses. These links can refer to any other kind of information such as graphics, sound or video describing the criteria or alternatives. This can improve the quality of decision support dramatically. Web-HIPRE supports several weighting methods including AHP, SMART, SWING, SMARTER and value functions. The results are shown by bar graphs and the sensitivity analysis. Web-HIPRE also supports the use of HIPRE 3+ models. The on-line use of Web-HIPRE will be demonstrated by illustrative examples. Web-HIPRE is located on http://www.hipre.hut.fi/ and a slide presentation of the software can be found on http://www.sal.hut.fi/Publications/ppt-files/Web-HIPRE/