Title: Evaluating a framework for multi-stakeholder decision support in water resources management.

Authors: Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Eero Kettunen, Mika Marttunen and Harri Ehtamo

Status: Group Decision and Negotiation, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 331-353, 2001.

Keywords: Group decision support systems, Multicriteria decision modeling, Negotiation support, Water level management

In this paper we describe a framework for multicriteria modeling and support of multi-stakeholder decision processes. We report on its testing in the development of a new water level management policy for a regulated lake-river system in Finland. In the framework the stakeholders are involved in the decision process from the problem structuring stage to the group consensus seeking stage followed by a stage of seeking public acceptance for the policy. The framework aims at creating an evolutionary learning process. In this paper we also focus on the use of new interactive method for finding and identifying Pareto-optimal alternatives. Role playing experiments are used to test the practical applicability of a negotiation support procedure called the method of improving directions. We also describe the preference programming approach for the aggregation of the stakeholder opinions in the final evaluation of alternatives and consensus seeking.