Title: Decisionarium Aiding Decisions, Negotiating and Collecting Opinions on the Web

Author: Raimo P. Hämäläinen

Status: Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Vol. 12, No. 2-3, 2003, 101-110.

Decisionarium (www.decisionarium.hut.fi) is the first public site for interactive multicriteria decision support with tools for individual decision making as well as for group collaboration and negotiation. Web-HIPRE (www.hipre.hut.fi) supports value tree and AHP analysis including group models. The RICH methodology (www.rich.hut.fi) allows the decision maker to provide incomplete ordinal preference statements when considering the relative importance of attributes in a value tree. Opinions-Online (www.opinion.hut.fi) is a platform for surveys voting and group collaboration. There are different ways for voting, multiattribute scoring, surveys as well as interactive viewing of the results. Joint Gains (www.jointgains.hut.fi) applies the method of improving directions to support multiparty negotiations in a multicriteria setting. Smart Swaps offers an implementation of the even swaps procedure (www.smart-swaps.hut.fi). All of the tools above are web based so global interaction is natural and links can be utilized for multimedia information support. Decisionarium also offers access to complete elearning modules (www.dm.hut.fi) based on the use of the software. There are also illustrative powerpoint presentations and additional Windows software WINPRE and PRIME-Decisions for value tree analysis under incomplete information.