PRIME Decisions

This decision analytic tool allows the decision maker to do interval-valued ratio statements in the specification of preferencies. It computes value intervals and dominance structures for the alternatives, and supports several decision rules for the development of recommendations.

PRIME Decision run on Windows 95/98/NT, and is available free of harge for academic purposes. Requires 12 MB of free disk space. A tutorial included.

Latest version: 1.03

Released: Oct 1999

Download PRIME Decisions (1,5 MB)


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Gustafsson J., Salo A., Gustafsson T.: PRIME Decisions: An Interactive Tool for Value Tree Analysis, in Köksalan M., Zionts S. (eds.), Multiple Criteria Decision Making in the New Millennium, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems 507, Springer-Verlag, Berlin 2001, pp. 165-176


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