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HIPRE 3+ Software family

HIPRE 3+ is a decision support software integrating the two most well known easy-to-use decision analysis and progblem solving methods:

  1. AHP - The Analytic Hierarchy Process
  2. SMART - The Simple Multiattribute Rating Technique

You can run both methods independently or combine them in one model.

HIPRE 3+ is designed to be a powerful yet simple tool to be used by the decision makers themselves. HIPRE 3+ gives you a visual and customizable graphical interface. It makes the structuring, priorization and analysis of complex issues an easy and intuitive process.


The demo version of HIPRE 3+ is restricted to run models that have a maximum of three levels with three elements on each. The demo version does not allow to save models. Otherwise, the performance of the demo is equal to the full HIPRE 3+. In the full version of HIPRE 3+ you can scroll the screen and there can be up to 50 element locations on each of the 20 levels.

Version: 3.14
Released: April 1995
Contact: Raimo P. Hämäläinen


HIPRE 3+ Group Link is a group decision support software, which combines individual priorizations given by the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) into an interval AHP models called preferences programming model. The program can be used in group meetings to support the decision making process, or in research assignments where several prioritizations given by the AHP are combined into a preference programming model.

The full group decision support system consists of two software, HIPRE 3+ and HIPRE 3+ Group Link. Group members have their AHP priorizations with HIPRE 3+, after which the models are combined with the HIPRE 3+ Group Link.

To use the group link features of the HIPRE 3+ Group Link, a licenced copy of the HIPRE 3+ is needed. The demo version does not allow you to save the HIPRE 3+ models. However, the HIPRE 3+ Group Link software package provides you with some tutorial model files, which makes it possible for you to test the group link features even without the HIPRE 3+ software.

Download HIPRE 3+ demo version (170 kB)

Download HIPRE 3+ Group Link (120 kB)

Web-HIPRE homepage


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Web-HIPRE homepage

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