Syksyn 2016 ohjelma

pvm esitelmöijä aihe
22.8. Dr Bice Cavallo Algebraic Structures for Pairwise Comparison Matrices
29.8. Prof. Ahti Salo, MSc Tuomas Lahtinen Greetings from EURO 2016 conference
5.9. Prof. Srinivas Talluri Models for Evaluating and Monitoring Efficiency of Supply Chain Network Designs
12.9. Prof. Leena Suhl German University Landscape and some Optimization Projects
19.9. MSc Alessandro Mancuso Bayesian Approach for Safety Barrier Portfolio Optimization
26.9. Joonas Laihanen Presentation of summer research
3.10. Jaan de Tollander, Cosmo Jenytin Multi-Agent Simulation of Crowd Dynamics, How to Mitigate Bias in the Even Swaps process - A Simulation Study
10.10. PhD Niraj Dayama Strategic Network Design of Food Transportation Network
17.10. Markus Mattila Cyclic Exchange Heuristic and Transformations for the Distance-Constrained Generalized Vehicle Routing Problem
24.10. PhD Bismark Singh An Adaptive Model with Joint Chance Constraints for a Hybrid Wind-Conventional Generator System
31.10. MSc Mikko Harju Preference Programming for Spatial Multiattribute Decision Analysis
7.11. PhD Juliane Mueller Surrogate Models in Computationally Expensive Black-Box Simulation Optimization
21.11. Marianne Honkasaari Computation of Non-Dominated Alternatives in Spatial Decision Analysis