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T[ALL16] Pekka Alli: On cluster structures in unemployment of OECD-nations (Aalto University) (in Finnish)
T[ANT16] Turkka Anttonen: Procurement Contracts under Uncertain Demand (Microsoft)
T[HIR16] Jussi Hirvonen: Stochastic approach to mid- and longterm forecasting of ERCOT real-time electricity price (Wärtsilä)
T[HUS16] Vesa Husgafvel: Polyhedral Analysis of Up-peak Traffic Patterns in Elevator Dispatching Problem
T[ILO16] Juuso Ilomäki: Recognizing Transportation Modes by Multivariate Clustering of Accelerometer Data (Aalto University)
T[KAI16] Joona Kaivosoja: A pull controlled manufacturing system with uncertain demand (Orion Oy) (in Finnish)
T[KAN16] Joona Kanerva: Pulp market price forecast model (UPM-Kymmene Oyj) (in Finnish)
T[KAR16] Markus Kärki: Computing pure-strategy punishments in repeated games (Aalto University)
T[KAU16] Lauri Kauppinen: Developing mid-term sales planning in an engineer-to-order business (ABB)
T[KIN16] Teemu Kinnunen: Cost-efficient vacation planning with variable workforce demand and manpower (VR Group)
T[KLE16] Santtu Klemettilä: Strategic workforce planning with integer linear programming (Haahtela) (in Finnish)
T[KUN16] Janne Kunnas: Importance Sampling for Simulating Risk Contributions of Corporate Loan Portfolios (OP Financial Group)
T[LEH16] Eero Lehtonen: A Large-Scale Optimization Model for Tactical Wood Procurement Planning (UPM)
T[LEV16] Antti Levo: Predicting Pilot Fatigue in Commercial Air Transportation (Blue1)
T[LIE16] Niko Lietzen: New Approach to Complex Valued ICA: From FOBI to AMUSE (Aalto University)
T[MET16] Saku Metsärinne: Defining the Level of Accuracy in Strategic Workplace Planning (Haahtela-kehitys Oy) (in Finnish)
T[MYR16] Jesse Myrberg: A Recommender System for an Online Auction (Sanoma Oyj)
T[OJA16] Vili-Matti Ojala: Simulation support for medium-term production planning at an energy utility (Vantaan Energia)
T[POH16] Ville Pohjalainen: Predicting service contract churn with decision tree models (Kone)
T[SEP16] Aleksi Seppänen: Utilizing acoustic measurements in equipment condition monitoring
T[SIL16] Riikka Siljander: Energy-climate-forest modelling for integrated policy analysis (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)
T[TUO16] Henri Tuovila: Optimised Strategies for Dynamic Asset Allocation (OP Financial Group)
T[VAH16] Ilari Vähä-Pietilä: Network Optimization of Drives Service Workshops (ABB)
T[VOU16] Arttu Voutilainen: Spatial Objectives in Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning (Varian Medical Systems Finland)