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Master's Theses

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T[AHV05] Rasmus Ahvenniemi: Analysis of Continental European Electricity Market Under Liberalization (Fortum Oyj)
T[BRU05] Ville Brummer: Internet-based Generation and Multi-criteria Screening of Innovation Ideas (Helsinki University of Technology) (in Finnish)
T[HEL05] Matti Hellqvist: Intraday Liquidity Management in Gross Settlement System as a Coordination Game (Bank of Finland)
T[HYT05] Henri Hytönen: A Model for Value-based Pricing of Industrial Services (Technical Research Centre of Finland)
T[ING05] Henrik Ingo: Using Online Quizzes as a Study Aid in a Course on Probability and Statistics (Helsinki University of Technology)
T[JAV05] Timo Javanainen: Analysis of Short-Term Hydro Power Production in the Nordic Electricity Market (Fortum Oyj)
T[KAN05] Lauri Kangas: Stochastic Warfare Modeling (Puolustusvoimien Teknillinen Tutkimuslaitos) (in Finnish)
T[KAR05] Ville Karttunen: Validation of a Fission Product Revaporization Model (Fortum Nuclear Services Oy)
T[KIV05] Toivo Kivirinta: Risk-Informed Balancing of Allowed Outage Times of a Nuclear Power Plant (Fortum Nuclear Services Oy)(in Finnish)
T[LEH05] Jukka Lehmusvirta: Systemic Modeling of Hierarchical Software Development in a Distributed Enterprise (Nokia Oyj)
T[MÄN05] Ilkka Männistö: Risk-Informed Classification of Systems Structures and Components in Nuclear Power Plants. (Technical Research Centre of Finland)
T[NIE05] Sami Niemelä: Short-Term Procurement Optimisation in Deregulated Energy Markets (Process Vision Oy)
T[POR05] Jirka Poropudas: Game Theoretic Analysis of an Air Combat Simulation Model (in Finnish)
T[PÖY05] Jouni Pöyliö: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rare Products in Metal Processing (Rautaruukki PLC) (in Finnish)
T[SOR05] Antti Soro: Maximizing the Overall Profit Per Hour With Production Planning and Product Transfers in the Fine Paper Industry (Ahlstrom Oy) (in Finnish)
T[TEN05] Karno Tenovuo: Analyzing Vibration Sources Based on Their Responses in a Large Cruise Ship (Aker-Finnyards) (in Finnish)
T[TUO05] Tero Tuominen: Information Model of an Electricity Procurement Planning System (Process Vision Ltd.)
T[VUO05] Matti Vuorinen: Development of Load Forecast Models in an Electrical Utility (Tampereen Sähkölaitos) (in Finnish)