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P[HARxx]M. Harju, J. Liesiö and K. Virtanen: Spatial multi-attribute decision analysis: Axiomatic foundations and incomplete preference information European Journal of Operational Research, DOI: 10.1016/j.ejor.2018.11.013

Accepted for publication

P[KAUXX]L. Kauppinen, A. Siddiqui and A. Salo: Investing in Time-to-Build Projects with Uncertain Revenues and Costs: A Real Options Approach IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management


P[LAI16] P. Laitila and K. Virtanen: Improving Construction of Conditional Probability Tables for Ranked Nodes in Bayesian Networks IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering


P[VIL15] E. Vilkkumaa, A. Salo, J. Liesiö, and A Siddiqui: Fostering Breakthrough Technologies ? How Do Optimal Funding Decisions Depend on Evaluation Accuracy? Technological Forecasting and Social Change