Sampo Ruuth

Professor emeritus


List of selected publications and conference papers:

  • Blomberg H., Ruuth S.: On the Algebraic Theory of Ordinary Linear Time-invariant Differential Systems; Helsinki University of Technology, Scientific Researches No. 27,1968.
  • Ylinen R., Ruuth S., Sinervo J.: On Set Theoretical and Algebraic Systems Theory for Linear Differential and Difference Systems; Acta Polytechnica Scandinavica; Ma 31, 1979
  •  Mäkitie H., Aittoniemi L., Hämäläinen R.P., Ruuth S.: Experience in Applications of Mixed Integer and Multicommodity Network Programming to Transportation of the Products Forest Industries; Paper presented at EURO VII; Bologna 1985.
  • Ruuth S., Aittoniemi L., Lahdelma R., Nurminen J.: Implementations of the Revised Simplex Method; Helsinki University of Technology, Systems Analysis Laboratory; Research reports A15, 1985.
  • Ahonen H., Aittoniemi L., Apiola H., Ruuth S.: On the Efficient Use of Architecture of a Small Computer for LP-algorithms; European Journal of Operational Research 24 (1986) 4-11; North Holland.
  • Lahdelma R., Nurminen J., Ruuth S.: Implementations of LP- and MIP Systems; Paper presented at EURO VIII; Lisbon 1986; Helsinki University of Technology, Systems Analysis Laboratory; Research reports A18, 1986.
  • Taimisto O., Pitkänen A., Ruuth S., Lahdelma R.: Corporate-wide Energy Optimization on Pulp & Paper Manufacturing; Paper presented at IFORS-87 conference; Buenos Aires 1987.
  • Lahdelma R., Ruuth S.: Solving Multiperiod Unit Commitment Problems in Energy Management; Proceedings Intern. AMSE Conference "Signals & Systems"; Brighton, U.K. July 12-14, 1989, AMSE Press, Vol. 9, 115-125.
  • Lahdelma R., Ruuth S., Taimisto O.: Parametric Programming in Distributed Energy Management; Paper presented at Operations Research 1990 Conference, August 28-31 1990, Vienna
  • Lahdelma R., Ruuth S., Holm R.: SIM2 - a Pascal-Based, Object-Oriented Simulation System; FORS - Finnish Operations Research Society magazine; Nr 1 - 1991, Helsinki
  • Lahdelma R., Ruuth S.: Object-Oriented Modelling of Energy Management in Steel Industry; Paper presented at APMOD91, January 14-16, London, 1991
  • Lahdelma R., Ruuth S., Holm R.: LPR - An Educational Linear Programming System with Rational Arithmetics; Paper presented at SEFI, April 10-13, Budapest, 1991
  • Ruuth S., Lahdelma R., Holm R.: MME - a Rapid Modelling and Algorithm Prototyping Environment; Advances in Methodology and Software of Decision Support Systems, ed. M. Makowski and Y. Sawaragi, IIASA, 1991
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  • Lahdelma R., Ruuth S.: Hierarchical Object-Oriented LP/MIP Modelling in Process Industry; Paper presented at EURO XII/TIMS XXXI joint international conference, June 29-July 1, Helsinki 1992
  • Ruuth S., Lahdelma R.: A modified Benders' Decomposition Technique for Solving Large Scale Unit Commitment Problems; Paper presented at IFIP 93, July 5-9, 1993, Compiegne
  • New Management Technologies in Transition to Market Economies; eds: Lahdelma R., Ruuth S.: Helsinki University of Technology, Systems Analysis Laboratory, research Report A56, 1994
  • S. Ruuth, I. Maros, C. Lucas and G. Mitra: Solution of a nonlinear assignment problem, In E. Matson (ed.): Essays in honour of Bjorn Nygreen on his 50th birthday, Department of Managerial Economics and Operations Research, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, 1996, pp. 49-60.
  • V. Ek, S. Ruuth, K. Nieminen: On finite capacity production planning, presentend in OR98, Zurich, 1998