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1. Graduate programs (more information)

The professorship of applied mathematics is responsible for the graduate program in Systems and Operations Research offered in the curriculum of engineering physics. The number of students taking the programs as their major subject is annually about 20. The total number of active licentiate and doctoral students is about 30. After graduation our students are typically employed by industrial companies and research institutes. Our graduates have been in high demand in the telecommunication industry, power companies, financial institutions, environmental research projects, consulting companies and computer and software companies.

2. Courses and seminars

English course descriptions can be found in WebOodi. The MS-E courses are mainly in English. The MS-C courses are mainly in Finnish. For the MS-C courses contact the teaching staff of the course.

Below, you can find the list of courses that can be taken in English.

Coursein EnglishExam and materialBy special arrangementNo English option available
MS-C2104 Introduction to Statistical Inference (5 cr)   X    
MS-C2105 Introduction to Optimization (5 cr)   X    
MS-C2107 Computational Assignments in Applied Mathematics V (5 cr)        X
MS-C2111 Stochastic Processes P (5 cr)   X    
MS-C2128 Forecasting and Time Series Analysis P (5 cr) X    
MS-C2132 Systems Analysis Laboratory I (5 cr) X    
MS-C2197 Philosophy and Systems Thinking P V (3 cr)       X
MS-E2108 Independent Research Projects in Systems Analysis V (5-8 cr) X      
MS-E2112 Multivariate Statistical Analysis P (5 cr) X
MS-E2114 Investment Science P (5 cr) X
MS-E2117 Risk Analysis P (5 cr) X    
MS-E2129 System Identification P (5 cr) X    
MS-E2130 Mathematical Modelling P (3-6 cr) X    
MS-E2133 Systems Analysis Laboratory II (5 cr) X
MS-E2134 Decision Making and Problem Solving P (5 cr) X
MS-E2136 Special Topics in Decision Making P V (3-6 cr) X      
MS-E2139 Nonlinear Programming P (5 cr) X
MS-E2140 Linear Programming P (5 cr) X
MS-E2142 Seminar on Optimization P V (5 cr)    X    
MS-E2144 Special topics in optimization: network optimization, multiple criteria optimization, convex optimization, optimization by vector space methods, queueing theory P V (3-6 cr) X    
MS-E2146 Integer Programming P (5 cr) X
MS-E2148 Dynamic Optimization P (5 cr) X
MS-E2152 Game Theory P V (5 cr) X    
MS-E2170 Simulation P (5 cr) X
MS-E2174 Computational Methods in Operations Research P V (3-6 cr) X    
MS-E2177 Seminar on Case Studies in Operation Research P V (5 cr) X    
MS-E2191 Graduate Seminar on Operations Research P V (5 cr) X      
MS-E2193 Independent Studies in Systems Analysis and Applied Mathematics P V (1-9 cr) X
MS-E2194 Research Course in Systems Science P V (1-6 cr) X      
MS-E2195 Web-based Courses in Systems Analysis P V (1-6 cr) X      
MS-E2198 Seminar of Creative Problem Solving P V (5-8 cr)       X
Mat-2.kandi Systeemitieteiden kandidaattiseminaari     X  
Mat-2.kyps  Kypsyysnäyte     X